Why Mod Panel?

Higher quality and net project cost savings.

Real Project Value

How we prove our value to your project.

Realization of value goes beyond the dollars and cents. The benefit of using our systems will save far beyond the contract. The entire project will realize significant savings using off site building practices. All while maintaining an equal or better build quality and smaller environmental footprint. Below is a breakout of costs that we have put to real projects to demonstrate the net project savings as a result of using Mod Panel.

The following intangibles also
create significant value:

Reduced Site Congestion

90% of Mod Panel's completion occurs off-site leading to fewer people on-site. As other trades work to complete their scopes, efficiency increases. This is due to less strain on material/tool storage, power usage, on-site transpiration, and even lunch rooms and site orientations. The result of less people on site is a certain increase in productivity from all trades. General contractors enjoy a decrease in on-site supervision requirements.

Reduced need for On-Site Services

A construction site is a complex space with many moving parts, people, and equipment. Traditional build process requires every stick of raw material to transported and handled. Most of these costs are the burden of the General contractor. Off-site assembly reduces cost for staging areas, material lifts, energy, and the potential for damage and theft.

Environmentally Friendly

Walls and bathrooms assembled in a factory reduce material waste and transportation costs. The Waste Reduction Action Programme (WRAP) reports that off-site building techniques use up to 67% less energy than traditional stick-built construction. Mod Panel's building environment makes it possible to order custom length materials and control processes. Transportation costs of materials, people, and resources are also significantly reduced.

Swing Stage/Crane Utilization

While using Mod Panel methods does not eliminate the need for a crane and swing stage, it greatly reduces the burden on them. Particularly for swing stages, the required moves, and costs associated with the relocation and down time are cut to a fraction.
Undeniable Cost Savings

The Mod Panel advantage

Mod Panel's patented processes allow your project to finish earlier and reduce total project costs.

*Above comparisons based on a 80,000 square foot building project

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