Roofing Insulation System


Product Information

Mod-Panel™ is a patent pending modular single ply roof insulation system that provides high thermal insulation values for mostly any type of roof membrane.

MPM Mod Panel™ roofing products save the subcontractor (Installer) on installation time, the architecture design team on thickness of roofing assemblies with available material warranties.

Common Thermal Resistance® Value 20, 24, 27, 30, 40
Material Type Polyurethane and/or IKO isocynurate insulation
Modular Building Sizes 4' x 8'
Type of Construction Combustible
CSA Listed Vary
Type of Structure Metal or Wood Decking
Types of Membranes TPO, EDPM, 2-ply SBS

purROOF™ is a bitumen based 2-ply SBS insulated roof panel system that comprises of an IKO SBS Protectobase™ sheet as the top sheet fully adhered to layers of insulation. This product will be available mid-June 2018.

All warranties for the system is provided by MPM and IKO Industries, a global manufacturer of roofing membranes, air and vapor barriers and isocyanate insulation.

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