Design Build Services


Mod Panel Manufacturing Ltd. (MPM) Total Building Envelope Services are being widely used across Canada due to the simplicity of the services.

The benefits to the stakeholders are as follows:

  • Delegated design engineered stamped shop drawings including:
    • Structural Engineering Collaboration
      • Value Engineer panel sizes
    • Building Envelope
      • Reduces Architecture requirements of providing building envelope modelling
      • Reduces drafting requirements of envelope details
      • Engineered stamped shop drawings
  • Reduction in design and onsite coordination issues
  • Accurate supply and installation costs of building envelope

The Total Building Envelope Services include:
  • Building envelope consulting services subcontracted to local building envelope consulting firms like Williams Engineering Canada, Morrison Hershfield or RJC to provide the following:
    • Provide an effective “R” value building envelope details based on Building Energy Model Requirements thermal rating
    • Provide a thermally broken cladding attachment system to minimize thickness of exterior wall
    • Collaborate with project Architecture firm for coordination of metal panel façade system and architecture features
    • Design of cladding attachment system using hat tracks to provide one (1) inch air space
    • Size steel stud spacing and gauge based on the following:
      • Wind loads
      • Cladding weight
    • Design of MPM pre-fabricated wall system such as
      • Balloon panel system (Curtain wall system)
      • Unitized system infill panel (patent pending)
    • Provide design details and stamped shop drawings
    • Coordinate window and door rough openings with architecture
  • Provide building envelope costs based on current building code requirements such as:
    • Cladding attachment system costs
    • Steel Stud and thermal insulation systems costs
    • Cladding system supply and installation costs based on MPM Affiliated Preferred Cladding Contractors.
  • Provide milestones and updates periodically to confirm exterior wall façade system budgets that will include:
    • Wall fire rating: Non-combustible or combustible?
    • Insulation type and Thermal Resistance
    • Type of Cladding
      • Metal panel
      • Brick and etc.
    • Type of thermally broken cladding attachment system
    • Gauge and thickness of steel studs
    • Locations of windows and doors