bathroom POD

Product Information

bathroom POD, an innovative method to constructing customize and/or standard bathrooms off site.

Pods will be placed in designated areas outlined in the architectural drawings with minimal connection details to connect to building mechanical and electrical systems.

Performance Specification

bathroom POD comprises of the following systems:

  • Customized layout designs
  • Engineered structural steel members
  • Insulated gypsum based or concrete modular walls/roof conceal the electrical and mechanical systems specified on the project such as:
    • Hot and cold-water manifold systems
    • Hot and cold-water shower/bath mixing valves with adjustable temperature settings
    • Low flow shower heads
    • Low flow wall mounted toilets
    • Ducted ventilation systems
    • Automatic lighting controls
  • High Sound Transmission Control (STC) ratings of minimum 45

Surface Installations

In areas, where there are height restrictions, low profile light gauge steel stud with external rollers are mounted to the sides and removed once the installation is complete.

Countersunk Installations

Pods are constructed to ensure tolerances are met. During shop drawing stages, a area and thickness will be provided to ensure during the installation of the pod, the transition from pod top of floor matches existing floor finish with +/- 1/8 ".

Side mounted Rollers are installed in the corner of the pod with one steering roller platform at the front.

Upon successfully installing the pod, a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager will inspect the delivered pod with the client to ensure all specifications have been met.


A 10 years warranty is provided for the construction components (including internal waterproofing) and for the structure of the pod using Mod Panel Sensor Technology.

Warranty for fixtures for plumbing and electrical systems vary from 2 to 5 years* depending on the warranty provided by individual manufacturers.