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Mod-Panel Roofing Products and PurBoard Wall/Ceiling Polyurethane Board

Mod Panel Inc. manufactures Mod-Panel™ Roofing Products and purBoard™ wall & ceiling polyurethane board. These innovative products save builders time and money on install as well as on long term maintenance when compared to more traditional approaches. Everything is manufactured in a climate controlled facility ensuring consistant, high quality end products.

Why Mod Panel Inc.

Some key reasons to use our purBoard™ and Mod-Panel™ products...

Climate Change

Climate change has meant our weather is far more un-predictable; rainfall is more intense, high winds and more common freeze-thaw cycles in winter have become more frequent. Mod-PanelTM provides a stable platform for the building envelope, and will resist; wind uplift, hail impact, and damage from cyclical swings in external temperature.


This approach is maintenance friendly, the downstream costs of maintaining a roof assembly built with Mod-PanelTM is a fraction of what other more conventional systems will require. The fully-adhered membrane and the homogenous assembly that is mechanically fastened, means there will be no issues with membrane wrinkles, buckles, blisters. The system will stay in place, over time.


The Mod-PanelTM system can be customized to suit the architectural needs of the building in terms of the "curb appeal". For high visibility roof exposures, the exterior finish membrane can be tailored to suit, using widely available membranes.


The fire resistant, hail impact resistant and wind uplift resistant qualities of Mod-PanelTM could provide the Building Owner with a reduction in Property Insurance Premiums (in the future), but in the present, the use of this system will certainly reduce the number of claims from those Insured with the Mod- PanelTM system built into their buildings.


Mod-PanelTM is produced inside a climate controlled factory environment. This means fewer components need to be field assembled in our variable outdoor conditions. Building inside means quality can be controlled and more accurately measured. Reducing the field labor at time of installation means the roof gets built better, and the building gets closed-in faster.

Building Envelope

Mod-PanelTM is easily integrated into the building envelope design. The critical junctions at the roof-to-wall interface can be more easily completed resulting in a more continuous whole envelope seal.